The Best Ways to Celebrate Graduation at Home

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has changed, postponed, or cancelled events all over the world. While graduation ceremonies are not able to be carried out in the typical manner, that doesn’t mean that celebrating accomplishments of graduating seniors should be cancelled as well. We’ve compiled a list of tips for the graduate, and the proud loved one of a grad, to help celebrate the class of 2020!

Create a video montage: No matter the occasion, video montages featuring loved ones from all over make a special gift. With extra time being spent at home, it’s easier than ever to have friends and family send video clips congratulating the graduate and sharing memories. Compile all of the clips into one video and your graduate will have a gift they can cherish forever.

On the same note, a great graduation gift for fellow students are memories strung together via a video slideshow. Collect all the pictures and video clips you have saved from the last four years and put them together featuring your favorite songs as the soundtrack. Although the last few months have been out of the ordinary, you still have over three and a half years of high school memories to celebrate.

Themed photoshoots and videos: One upside to not having the conventional graduation ceremony is having the opportunity to break free of the confines of time and tradition. Instead of walking across the stage to shake hands with the president of the school, students all over the country are getting creative with graduation photoshoots and videos. One student opted to have a graduation dance instead of a walk, and many other students are leaning into the fact that their graduation is taking place during a major historical event and taking a picture to remember it by.

Throwback party: The events of 2020 have many people harkening back to simpler times. Use these reflections to throw a “throwback party” inspired by your graduate’s journey up until this point. Each hour of the party can feature a different age or grade, complete with your student’s favorite things at that point in their life. Make a playlist featuring favorite songs from every age, curate a menu with their favorite foods throughout the years, and relive the moments that led up to graduation.

Keep your celebration going: Give yourself something to look forward to by scheduling a graduation party in the future. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by events and responsibilities, scheduling a party for a couple months down the road will give you time to plan, and to organize the next steps for your future. By the time the date of the party rolls around, you’ll have a better idea of what your plan is, and then you can relax and celebrate with family and friends.

Neighborhood porch/ social distance party: Let your neighborhood know a time and place and throw a socially distance block party! Attendees can keep their distance while celebrating your achievements. Car parades have also become a popular way of celebrating while still adhering to social distancing guidelines.

Organize an at-home graduation ceremony: While we might have to limit the number of people at Legion’s ceremony, you can still throw an additional graduation ceremony in the comfort of your own home with more of your family included. Feel free to have fun and make this ceremony your own! Without the time constraints of a traditional graduation ceremony, you and your family will have as much time as you want to crack jokes, make impromptu speeches, and focus all the attention on the person who matters most: your graduate.


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