New Skills To Learn This Summer (and Where to Find Them)

While summertime is the season to give your brain a break, there are only so many times you can scroll through social media or browse through Netflix. With the pandemic keeping so many people at home, it’s now quicker than ever to run out of things to do. Do yourself a favor and use this time to your advantage by learning a new skill that you wouldn’t normally have time to learn. Don’t worry, we’re not telling you to pick up a textbook, but to rather look into potential hobbies that interest you. As we continue to pivot, postpone, plan and re-plan, it’s time to lean in to our free time at home and learn a new skill.

Learning a new skill doesn’t always have to be academic. In fact, many people all over the globe used their time in quarantine to learn one skill in particular: cooking. Tastemade, a video network with a focus on food and travel, reported that page visits for their social media accounts increased 25% in March from February. If culinary arts have ever been an interest to you, you’re in luck! There has been an influx of recipes, tutorials, and videos to get you started. Websites like Serious Eats offer everything from tips for basics to step-by-step instructions. In addition, chefs all over the world have taken to social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube to offer free cooking classes. If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand in the kitchen, take some time this summer and get cookin’!

While foreign languages are often taught in school, this summer is the perfect opportunity to take time to focus on becoming bi-lingual without the distractions of other subjects or homework. If you enjoy learning languages in an academic setting, the summer offers a chance to learn a language that isn’t offered at your school. The words in romance languages, like French, Spanish, and Italian, have similar roots that derive from Latin, so in some instances if you have a knowledge of one of those languages, it’s easier to learn another one. Resources like DuoLingo offer both free and premium language courses for you to take. Following your courses, you can help your mind retain the new language by watching foreign films and TV shows. Protip: watch the films with subtitles in the language you’re learning to hear and see the language in front of you!

Many people across the world have used their time at home to reconnect with hobbies that they haven’t had time to participate in awhile. If your sketchpad has been collecting some dust over the last few years, use this summer to start drawing again! If art is new to you, Kline Creative is an online platform that offers free art classes for beginners. On this website you can take courses in drawing, painting, and photography. Kline Creative also offers classes in music and songwriting to help fill your free time this summer.

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what you’d like to learn, but just know that you’re bored, there are so many resources that don’t just focus on one skill in particular. Udemy is a learning platform geared towards teaching professional adults and students. Udemy includes a wide array of topics from business to design to health and wellness. Courses in marketing and finance even may help you get a leg up in future college classes, if you plan to major in these topics. If you’re looking for additional interesting courses, look no further than Brit + Co. This San Francisco based brand offers classes everything from calligraphy to coding.

For so many people, the pandemic has opened up an abundance of free time, especially at home. For so long we have spent our days racing around, never having enough time to maintain a hobby. While this forced time at home has caused so much boredom and frustration, the best we can do is to embrace the moment, and use this time to better ourselves.


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