5 Ways You Can Stay Active in Your Sport This Summer

With an uncertain start date to many activities, you may have more responsibility when it comes to staying in good shape for your sport. Luckily, there are easy ways to stay active beyond just attending summer practices. Take your success into your own hands and you may end up being more prepared for your sport season than ever before!

Turn your neighborhood into a gym.

While there’s nothing wrong with taking a jog around the block, your workout routine has the possibility of being far more interesting than just taking a couple laps. Get a teammate and put your heads together to think of challenging obstacle courses to test your agility, run some dynamic sprint drills, or create fast paced HIIT workouts. Even picnic tables have the potential to be used for a variety of exercises. If you’re willing to put in the work, your neighborhood can help you condition and get in great shape for your sport without ever needing to hit the gym.

Turn to the internet.

If the summer heat seems like too much to work out in, you can still get a great workout in the comfort of your home’s air conditioning. Due to COVID-19, many online exercise websites and studios are offering free trials, or even free classes into the foreseeable future. Check out what deals your local yoga or fitness studio are providing, or turn to global brands like Alo or Lululemon. Alo launched a full series of various exercise programs that are available for a two week free trial (alomoves.com), and Lululemon has been featuring a variety of yoga classes on their website for free. For more specific workouts or sport conditioning, YouTube is full of great videos to keep you active indoors.

Get coaching at home.

In addition to online workouts, there are some great resources available that focus specifically on sports and their corresponding conditioning drills. For example, HomeCourt is a basketball training app that uses cameras to record your shots, and then analyze them. This app saw a significant rise in popularity in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. There are also different websites that are starting to see an increase in virtual training, such as Athlete Training and Health (athletetrainingandhealth.com). This platform offers a specific program geared toward student athletes. Unfortunately, there is a monthly cost associated with this virtual training website, but as online training becomes more popular, it’s likely that prices will decrease in order to remain competitive.

Teach your sport.

According to “The Learning Pyramid,” developed by the National Training Laboratory, most students retain only about 10% of what they read in textbooks, but will retain nearly 90% of what they learn through teaching others. The same can be said for teaching your sport to others. Sports require strategy, and there are steps and tips to remember while you’re playing in a game or a match. If you take time to teach these skills to others, it’s likely that you’ll be able to recall them with ease when you’re playing your sport. Volunteering to teach your sport not only helps you to increase your own skill, but also benefits your community. For more ideas on how to help out, read our blog, The Best Ways to Volunteer in Your Community This Summer.

Try a new sport that can propel your primary sport to the next level.

If you can’t visit your sport’s court or field as often as you’d like, consider picking up a new activity for the summer to help condition you for your upcoming season. Just as some athletes choose to join swim teams or track teams in their off season to stay in good shape, you can pick up a sport that will help you stay active this summer. Activities like running, cycling and swimming are great workouts that can help you prepare for your sport of choice. Taking time to hone your skills in agility, endurance and strength will allow you to excel once your sport season begins.


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