Legion Collegiate Academy Guidance

Welcome to Legion's Guidance Resources

Legion strives to provide our students and families with as much information as possible on the topics of academic, college, career, and mental health  counseling. 

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Guidance Staff:

Dr. Virginia Leigh Coogler

Mental Health Guidance / Career Specialist


Office Number: 803-620-6040 ext. 117

Nancy Manning

Guidance Counselor (11th & 12th Grades)


Office Number: 803-620-6040 ext. 106


Bobby Page

Director of Guidance

Guidance Counselor (9th & 10th Grades)

NCAA & NAIA Liaison


Office Number: 803-620-6040 ext. 107

Trish Shipman

Attendance / Enrollment / Guidance


Office Number: 803-620-6040 ext. 102

College Counseling Year-By-Year Planning

SAT & ACT Information

NCAA & NAIA Information

Military Resources

Academic Resources

Dual Enrollment Resources

Additional Resources

Job Shadowing
If you or your company are interested in becoming part of our Job Shadowing program, please contact Dr. Virginia Leigh Coogler at vcoogler@legionlancers.org.