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Forms Required for Athletic Participation 2021-2022

  1. Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (4 pages)

  2. Consent to Participate and Release Form (1 page)

  3. Concussion Statement (2 pages)

All forms must be submitted to the Athletic Trainer, Mike Ballard, at before the student is allowed to participate in any athletic event. 


Legion Principal TK Kennedy (left) congratulates Strait Herron after coaching the East team to a 48-14 win in the High School All-American All-Star Game on Jan. 5i in the AlamoDome in San Antonio, TX.  Herron was named Legion's Athletic Director and Head Football Coach on Jan. 10.

Legion Collegiate Academy's Athletic Model         Email Coach Herron


Many student-athletes struggle at the collegiate level due to the added emphasis, time, and demands of their sport and coach expectations. The LCA academic programming will eliminate much of the stress that student-athletes experience in college because of their proven collegiate track record.  Too often athletes are overlooked in the scholarship process particularly when coaches fear the student-athlete may not be able to conquer the rigors of the college academic schedule. 

LCA recognizes the relationship between academics and athletics; regular exercise, skill development, and interscholastic athletic competition can play critical roles in each student’s growth. This is why LCA will host an elite sports program with a goal of 30% or more of its athletes having at least one offer to play at the collegiate level. The primary  responsibility of student-athletes is their education. LCA will guide its student-athletes through the college athletics eligibility process. LCA’s academic and sports programs will nurture integrity, pride, loyalty, and character while building school spirit. In addition, students will graduate from LCA, not only academically prepared for college study, but also with college credits in place that put them closer to achieving the four-year degree while engaging in athletics in college.