Legion Collegiate Academy Education Program


Mission Statement


It is the mission of Legion Collegiate Academy to serve high school students in a small, safe, family-centered setting, who seek the opportunity and challenge of a rigorous curriculum, high academic standards, and elite athletics while earning up to two years of college credit while in high school.


LCA Vision Statement

Students will:

  • graduate as responsible and contributing citizens

  • graduate with a high school diploma and transferable dual enrollment credits up to 60 transferable hours

  • graduate already immersed in the culture of college and therefore be ready to engage in coursework at higher levels

  • be provided the necessary coaching and skill development to be successful beyond high school

  • develop into leaders through athletic competition and service learning

  • attain educational, personal, and career-awareness skills in smaller (1:25 or lower) classes

  • benefit from a multi-ethnic community where parents, business partners, administrators, students, and staff work together to create an academic, physical, emotional, social, and safe environment where everyone can learn and respect one another and acquire an education through innovative techniques to enhance lifelong learning through technology and varied instructional strategies.


Hours of Instruction

 LCA students will receive 165 hours of instruction per course (credit), plus needed interventions.



LCA recognizes the relationship between academics and athletics; regular exercise, skill development, and interscholastic athletic competition can play critical roles in each student’s growth. The primary  responsibility of student athletes is their education. LCA will guide its student athletes through the college athletics eligibility process. LCA’s academic and sports programs will nurture integrity, pride, loyalty, and character while building school spirit. In addition, students will graduate from LCA, not only academically prepared for college study, but also with college credits in place that put them closer to achieving the four-year degree while engaging in athletics in college.


Whole School Educational Plan

LCA will engage students in rigorous, in-depth academic work requiring intellectual inquiry, creativity, and critical thinking. LCA will utilize differentiated teaching strategies to include lecture, hands-on activities, and project based learning. However, LCA believes the most effective teaching strategy is to stop compartmentalizing education. All teachers will work with students to address reading, writing, and math in all their courses. Reading and writing are not solely the English department’s responsibility, just as math deficiencies are not just addressed in math classes. Teachers will work together to address deficiencies as a school and support one another in addressing issues. In addition, project-based learning during the middle years will combine standards from every discipline including public speaking which will help students understand why learning is vital to success in the 21st century.


School Structure

The school at full capacity will have 600 students in grades 9-12.


LCA will provide a variety of scheduling options on a “split” schedule (morning or afternoon sessions). Students either attend classes in the morning or afternoon, allowing them to participate in athletics, extra-curricular activities, hold gainful employment, or attending to responsibilities in the non-classroom session of the day. In traditional high schools, athletes regularly end their school/practice day at 5 p.m. or later.  The uniqueness of the model allows student athletes to finish practice earlier having more time at home for family and studies.  The split session model allows for more flexibility financially through facility and human resource savings.  Due to the model and the fact that students will be placed by readiness and ability, dividing students by class is not optimal.


Educational Management Organization

Legion Collegiate Academy has entered into a contract with Pinnacle Charter School Management Group, LLC as its Education Management Organization (EMO).